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WordPress is content management software that uses open source technology and is used to build and manage websites. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL database. With little loading time as added benefit, WordPress websites enjoy a plethora of high functionality and a versatile presentation. Its Search Engine Optimization plugins are exemplary and are gaining much popularity in the business spheres of internet marketing. It has a remarkable templating system and users can easily manage their widgets without the need to edit the PHP or HTML code. Since it’s an open source system, its code is open for sharing and innovation, which means that as far as extensions go, there would always be a novelty to offer by the open source community.

Its phenomenal performance bagged it the best open source content management system award in 2009. It has initiated a revolution that is being called Web 2.0 where there is total automation saving a lot of time and making ‘hand-coding’ seem obsolete at least where website management is concerned. WordPress has a great variety of themes and plug-ins and a flexible API providing an easier implementation.

Here at Exiga Software Solutions we use WordPress to give you a phenomenal web experience and manage your content in a dynamic fashion.

WordPress Website Design Key Features

  Full standards compliance   Comments   Workflow
  No rebuilding    Spam protection   Typographical niceties
  WordPress Pages    Full user registration   Intelligent text formatting  
  WordPress Links    Password Protected Posts     Multiple authors
  WordPress Themes    Easy Importing    Bookmarklets  
  Cross-blog communication tools   XML-RPC interface  


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Wordpress Back End